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SB Foot Co – Honey Carmel Chinook Nubuck – 5-5.5 oz. – 5-6 Temper – Full-Grain


  • 1/2 side, approx. 10-12 square feet *uncut full side available upon request*
  • smooth nubuck grain
  • 5-5.5 oz.
  • 5-6 Temper
  • Suede side is slightly buffed and trimmed with a very clean look and feel


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100% Made in the USA

Our tannery only sources steers born and raised in the USA. Leather is a natural material with a story and history. Holes, scars, brands, scratches, insect bites, fat wrinkles and other unique markings only add to the character of the leather.  Often these markings are visible in full-grain leather and considered by many as the true sign of premium leather.

We are Americans through and through, and therefore it’s important to us to buy American. Our leathers and products are sourced from domestic businesses that support local farms and suppliers.

How do we cut your leather?

When we get the leather from the tannery, in two equal sides. (see below for description) We take the sides and cut them in half, so you will receive a half of a side. (Whole sides are available by request)

Since leather hides are never symmetrical or the same size, our cuts will vary slightly in finished size.

How do we get your leather at such a reasonable price?

Our leathers are typically remnants from large corporate orders. We will gladly take what the big guys don’t want! Sometimes this means that our sides will have irregular cuts in them or scars/markings/brands. When we fulfill our orders, we will do our best to give you optimal working space on your piece. We split the sides to ensure equal workability on both pieces. These marks and imperfections do not affect the quality of the leather, and are typically seen as desirable character on a finished piece. 

If you have specific requests about what part of the hide you’d like, or if you plan to use larger pieces so need fewer imperfections, shoot us a message and we will work to accomodate your requests as best as we can.

What is a side?

In its purest form, a new hide of leather is a full-hide. Uncut, the average full-hide is about the same size as a king-sized bed.

To keep the pieces manageable, full-hides are typically split down the backbone into what the industry calls “sides”

When we get our pieces from the tannery, they are split into sides. We then cut the sides in half, so you get a “1/2 side” for the listed price.

How are the hides finished?

We love the Chrome tan process. Chrome tanned leather tends to be durable, scratch-resistant, water-resistant and consistent in color and feel. Most of our leathers are Chrome Tanned unless otherwise noted.

What is leather temper?

(Sometimes also called “hand”)

Leather firmness is measured by numbers ranging from 1-10. 1 is extremely firm like rawhide and 10 being super soft like garment leather.

  • 5-6 temper- A handbag will stand on its own. The leather may have some pop or click when you flex it in your hand. Also typically used in boots.
  • 6-7 temper- A handbag will stand on its own but have a more relaxed feel. It doesn’t bunch easy and has a typical firmness that is easy to work with. Won’t sag. 6 is a very common temper for many leathers in our shop.
  • 7-8 temper Softer feel in the hand and will not stand up well in a bag without internal gussets or a lining. 
  • 8-9 temper- Very soft and pliable. Can easily pleat, fold and scrunch
  • 9 temper- Extremely soft and pliable, typically only found in lightweight garment leather. Works great to pleat, fold and even ruffle.

What is drum dyed leather?

Drum dyeing is the process of immersing the leather in the dye and tumbling it in a rotating drum to ensure maximum penetration of the dye throughout the hide.

We love drum dyed leather because you get a consistent color that runs all throughout the hide. Unless noted all of our leathers are drum dyed and struck through, which means that your color will go all throughout the leather. (no white edges on your cuts)

Leather Term Glossary

Nubuck –Is typically full grain with a light fine buff or sanding of the grain surface. It softens and subdues the sheen on the grain with a ultra-light nap on the surface.

Burnished- Burnishing tightens the nap and gives a lightly darker flatter nap. Typically only done on the Flesh side allowing for a finished look on the flesh side of the leather.

Grain side -It’s the outside or top of the hide. Exposed the environments.

Flesh side- The side of the hide that was on the inside of the steer.

Nap- The suede side of the hide, typically what is seen on the back or the flesh side of the hide.

Weight -Used as a description of the thickness of the leather.  i.e. 5-6 o


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