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Leather Balm Stick


All-natural + Non-Toxic + Preservative-free

  • Convenient 2 oz roll-up tube
  • Clean, moisturize and protect your leather
  • Simple and unique stick applicator
  • Safe enough to use on your own skin
  • No harmful fumes
  • Handmade in small batches in the USA


Just like your own skin…

moisturized leather is healthy and beautiful leather ♥️

You’ve invested a lot in your beautiful leather products, so how do you take the very best care of them?

Just like our own skin, your leather products will get dirty and will begin to dry out. So you want to regularly give them the “skin” care that they crave.

Regular leather care products typically contain a long list of harsh ingredients, and when I’ve used them, I’m left with a headache from the toxic fumes. Some have even advised me to wear gloves when using them.


Why would I want to put something on my leather bag if I don’t want it touching my skin?

I’m a licenced Aesthetician and worked for almost 15 years in the skin care industry, so I know how to treat skin. Now that I’ve been working with leather and creating these beautiful products for the past 12 years, I’ve began to realize there was a big hole in the leather care industry.

I worked with my friends at Olivu426 to formulate what I believe is a game-changer to leather care. And guess what ladies…I made it just for you! Have you ever noticed that EVERYTHING related to leather has a masculine feel? So I decided to shake things up and make this leather care product just as pretty as it is powerful ♥️ Because…why not!?!?!

This leather balm stick is uniquely designed to make caring for your leather simple and safe.

The unique stick applicator is easy to apply. Just lightly glide the stick back and forth over your piece. Section by section. Once you apply the balm, it’s time to utilize the best tool God gave you…your hands!

Use your fingers in a circular motion to massage the balm all over your product,  letting the natural oils and ultra-purified beeswax really soak into the pores.

And guess what?

You don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty because every ingredient we used in our unique formulation is 100% non-toxic and safe for you to use on your skin.

No fumes.

No gloves required.

No nasty preservatives.

Just all natural goodness for your leather.

As you massage your balm into the leather, you’ll notice the color get richer and the leather will come back to it’s original beauty right before your eyes.

Do your hands crack and get dry? I’m sure they do. So what do you do? Moisturize!

Well, your leather is the same way. Over time it will begin to lose some of it’s natural oils and dry out. Using Gathered & Sown’s Leather Balm Stick will replenish those lost oils and bring a soft and supple finish back to your leather.

You want to protect your leather, we’ve got you covered

When you treat your leather with the leather balm stick, you are leaving a thin layer of ultra-purified bees-wax on your piece. This wax will help to hold in the oils but will also offer a small amount of protection from the elements. Sort of like when you wax your car.

But fear not..treating with the leather balm stick will not leave your leather feeling waxy or stiff. We thought of that when we formulated it. We wanted your leather to stay soft and smooth to the touch.


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